Austin (Part 1) – Street Art & Murals

Hello sunshines!

I am so excited to share with you all our most recent trip to Austin, Texas! I decided to split this LONG blog post into two parts because I had way too much to write and way too many pictures to show. Part 1, this post, will be all about the awesome street art & murals that Mr. Photographer (aka Mr. P) and I found while walking around the city! Part 2, which will post this weekend, will be about where and what we ate & drank and places we knew we had to see.

Many of you know that I get super excited about finding cool street art & murals. I could not believe my luck as we stumbled across a total of 11 pieces of art; well, 10 to be exact, since the Hope Outdoor Gallery was already on my list :).

Living the Goodlife in Austin, TX – E. Cesar Chavez & Waller

Fast Folks Cyclery and Café – 1201 E Cesar Chavez St (E. Cesar Chavez & Waller)

Welcome to Fast Sixth IBIZ District – 1201 E 6th St (E. 6th & Waller)

‘Til Death Do Us Apart – E. 7th & Waller

Austin, Texas – E. 6th & I-35

One Cool Cat – E. 6th & I-35

Capital Building – E. 8th & Congress

Cool Car – E. 8th & Congress

Mosaic Jazz Mural – E. 11th & Waller

HOPE Outdoor Gallery – 1101 Baylor St

Blue Glass Wall – E. 5th & Sabine

Which one is your favorite?!? If you have an upcoming trip to Austin or thinking about visiting, I hope you find some of the street art & murals that I’ve shared with you, and I hope that you stumble upon cool ones of your own! 🙂




    • Hi Mimi! Thanks for your comment! I was able to get to the top of the wall with the car mural allll thanks to Mr. P! He hoisted me up there! Getting down was a bit trickier, haha :). The other building with all the other murals (HOPE Gallery) is actually a hill! So we were able to climb up all the way to the top!


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