Loungin’ in the Jamaican Sun

Hello sunshines!

As many of you saw from insta, Mr. Photographer and I went to Jamaica for a week! We celebrated Thanksgiving early with both of our families since we were leaving on Thanksgiving day for Montego Bay. We stayed at Secrets St. James, and let me tell ya, it was amazing. Breathtaking views, luxurious suites, and delicious food & drinks. We loved it there and will definitely be checking out other Secrets locations in the future! 

The day we arrived at the resort, the bell boy takes one look at our luggage and goes “that’s it?!?!!” Mr. Photographer and I are awesome packers, we fit all our things into one carry-one luggage and a backpack! I had all the essentials (7 different bikinis, hehe), enough thin dresses for dinner, a few cover-ups, a pair of wedges, and a couple pairs of sandals! What more do ya need when you’re on the beach loungin’ away in the sun?!

The second day at our resort, we’re waiting in line at the Caribbean jerk chicken stand and guess who I see? Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle! I did a few double takes, and was convinced it wasn’t him at first. THEN later in the day, we sat a few chairs down from Anthony Anderson, the main guy from the show Blackish! IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. As we were walking back to our room, we walked right past Kevin Dillon, aka Drama from Entourage….and he says “hello” to me and Mr. Photographer . I’ve never seen a celebrity before in my life, and on this trip alone, we saw three!!!

I did manage to take a few pictures in between all the Jamaican punch and the sugary drinks, and the many cat naps at the beach ! All suits are from Victoria’s Secret, so so so sad that they are discontinuing their swimwear line….not sure what I’m going to do . Besides the bikini photos, the one dress I brought that I knew I wanted a photo shoot in was this gorgeous goddess dress from Free People that I bought a year and a half ago. I was supposed to wear it during my Italy trip last August BUT I forgot to pack it . So I knew I absolutely had to wear it in Jamaica!! 




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